YouTuber tests iPhone 14's 'Crash Detection' feature, what happened next will amaze you

YouTuber tests iPhone 14's 'Crash Detection' feature, what happened next will amaze you

YouTuber tests iPhone 14's 'Crash Detection' feature, what happened next will amaze you

It has just been a few days since Apple released its iPhone 14 series mobile phones and iPhone lovers are already hyped to purchase the newly-released models. With the series in the market, iPhone has come with several new features including the much-talked ‘Crash Detection’ feature which will help the mobile phone to detect a severe car crash and further connect to emergency services.

Notably, apart from the features, the phones also come with certain upgrades including the ability to edit and unsend messages, customisable lock screens, always-on display, haptic keyboard, and battery percentage indicators among others. Speaking about the car detection feature, it has gained quite a lot of attention, especially among loyal customers of the Cupertino-based company.

The feature which remains activated in the models of iPhone 14 by default, will detect if the user is in a car crash and will immediately connect to emergency numbers and services along with notifying contacts. In a bid to test this new feature, a YouTuber recently took up a test for verifying the claims made by the company.

The video shared by YouTuber on his channel TechRax shows him carrying the test with the use of a real-like car crash.

As the video opens, an iPhone 14 Pro was strapped to the headrest of the front seat of his vehicle followed by which the car in a remote-controlled manner crashed into a pile of old vehicles. As per the claim made by the company about the feature, it is clearly proven as the phone immediately after the crash gets activated into an SOS mode and starts a 20-second countdown before connecting to emergency services and contacts.

To reconfirm his findings, the YouTuber tested the feature twice and made sure that it was indeed a genuine vow by Apple.

Watch the full video here:

Internet going frenzy over iPhone’s ‘Crash Detection’ test

Meanwhile, the video has also gone viral on social media as many users have reshared the same and further appreciated the YouTuber for testing the authenticity of the claim. While a user commented, “I was expecting the crash detection to be triggered only if it was an intense crash with the car being completely totalled. But even with your first test when the crash was light at low speed the phone picked it up. Honestly impressive”, another said, “Massive respect to TechRax for being the first crazy big YouTuber just to show us the iPhone 14 Pro Crash Detection system if it works.”

One also commented, “People doing reviews of iPhone 14 and some doing teardown and durability test. But who’d else be crazy enough to do a Crash detection test? Respect TechRax.”

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