World Computer Literacy Day 2021: History, theme and tips to enhance you digital skills

World Computer Literacy Day 2021: History, theme and tips to enhance you digital skills

World Computer Literacy Day 2021:  History, theme and tips to enhance you digital skills

Every year 2 December is observed as World Computer Literacy Day to create awareness about the growing use and importance of computers. Efficient use of computers is also encouraged on this day. Computers are an essential part of our rapidly growing digital world and are required to carry out daily tasks. Hence, this day is observed to talk and raise awareness around the usage of computers in order to keep up with a digitally revolutionized world.


The renowned Indian computer company, National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT), first celebrated this day in 2001 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the NIIT's establishment. The day aims at encouraging the adoption of digital technologies, particularly by women and children.

On World Computer Literacy Day, the importance of computers in our lives is marked. The day is also used to create awareness about issues such as the digital divide, which hamper the uniform spread of digital skills across the globe.

As per News18, the theme of World Computer Literacy Day is “Literacy for human-centered recovery: Narrowing the digital divide."

Since computers are omnipresent and digital literacy is requisite, it is crucial to improve our computer skills with time. Here are a few tips through which you can enhance your computer handling abilities:

Be enthusiastic about learning new computer skills

The will and curiosity to gain new knowledge are extremely necessary for improving computer literacy. Research, explore and find out ways on how to use the device so that your understanding of computer functions can increase.

Practice is just as important as theory

Just reading about a computer does not make you well-versed in its usage. A computer has numerous functions that can only be learned when one uses it. Practicing your skills will open help you understand various aspects of the device and will improve your digital skillset as well.

Seek Professional Training

Most people end up enrolling in long-term and tedious computer courses which give them a hard time. Try to look up for short-term, accessible and free computer courses to improve your set of skills. Tutorials that focus on a particular function will also help in elevating functional knowledge of computers.

Use Social Media to Increase Proficiency

Several computer wizards share their hacks, tricks and also upload tutorials for most of the basic issues that arise while using computers. Engineers and tech-friendly people on social media may definitely aid your learning and make you adept in computer usage.