On Good Governance Day, Amit Shah lauds Narendra Modi govt for taking decisions that did good to people

On Good Governance Day, Amit Shah lauds Narendra Modi govt for taking decisions that did good to people

On Good Governance Day, Amit Shah lauds Narendra Modi govt for taking decisions that did good to people

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday heaped praises on Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying the government led by him has taken decisions that are good for the people and not which people would like, even at the cost of political damage.

Speaking at the event organised on the occasion of Good Governance Day in Delhi, Shah also attacked the previous governments saying the decisions taken by them were made keeping their "vote banks" in mind.

"The last 21 governments have taken decisions keeping in mind their vote banks," he said.

"People have kept saying that we have got independence (swaraj) long ago but when will we get good governance (su-raaj)," he said.

Shah said because of lack of good governance, people's faith in the country's democratic system is gradually eroding.

But Prime Minister Narendra Modi has brought back people's faith in democracy by taking the good governance up to the grassroots level, he said.

According to Shah, people have realised that Modi came to power in 2014 not to run the government but to provide a clean, transparent and welfare administration, thus changing the face of the country.

He said people's faith in democracy has enhanced since 2014 as they started getting benefits of development undertaken by the Modi government.

"Before 2014, many governments have changed. Many government have come, many have gone. But when Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power, people have realised that his government has come not to run the government but to change the country," he said.

Shah said some earlier governments on some occasions took decisions keeping the vote banks in mind.

Modi made good governance a reality: Amit Shah

"But Prime Minister Narendra Modi or the Modi government has never taken decisions which the people would like (jo logon ko acche lagen). He has taken decisions which are good for the people. (jo logon ke liye achhe hon). There is a big difference between the two. Some decisions may bring you popularity for a short time but this means keeping the country in problems," he said.

The home minister said Modi took everyone along and made the efforts of making good governance a reality.

Giving example of good governance, he said there has not been a single corruption charge against the Modi government in last seven years as it is a clean and transparent administration.

Shah said in the last seven years, the government has taken the benefits of development to 60 crore population who were otherwise deprived of all welfare programmes in last so many decades.

He said the Modi government has provided toilets to the poor, constructed houses, given electricity and gas connections free of cost.

Shah said the government has framed such policies through which the problems could be rooted out.

He said there should always be a government which is sensitive and accountable to the people.

"People should have faith in the government and at the same time government should have faith in the people.

Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa top Centre's Good Governance Index

According to the document on Good Governance index, released by Shah, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa topped Centre's Good Governance Index 2020-21, and Uttar Pradesh showed remarkable improvement over the last two years.

Nearly 3 crore applications from citizens and over 6 lakh public grievances have been resolved in the six-day special ‘Good Governance Week’ campaign that started on 20 December, senior government officials told News18.

Shah was present at the conclusion of the drive on 25 December, which is celebrated as ‘Good Governance Day’ and also commemorated the birth anniversary of former prime minister late Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Earlier in the day, along with PM Modi and president Ram Nath Kovind, Shah paid floral tribute at Sadaiv Atal Samadhi in the capital.

"Tributes to respected Atal ji on his birth anniversary. Remembering Atal Ji on his Jayanti. We are inspired by his rich service to the nation. He devoted his life towards making India strong and developed. His development initiatives positively impacted millions of Indians. Atal Bihari Vajpayee's birthday is celebrated as the 'Good Governance Day'," PM Modi said in a tweet.

Modi had ordered the Good Governance campaign with the aim to provide good administration to the last person in the village (‘Prashasan Gaon Ki Aur’), wherein the government, both Centre and state work as a team to resolve public grievances and deliver services on applications submitted by the people.

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