Money Heist Part 5 Volume 2 premieres today: Here are all the questions waiting to be answered

Money Heist Part 5 Volume 2 premieres today: Here are all the questions waiting to be answered

Money Heist Part 5 Volume 2 premieres today: Here are all the questions waiting to be answered

Money Heist’s (La Casa De Papel) journey on Netflix comes to an end today with the arrival of Part 5 Volume 2. Grieving the death of their major team member Tokyo, the professor and his team will undergo a spine-chilling ride inside the Bank of Spain. Will the heist crew die or survive? – This is the question hanging as the only thing keeping Tamayo from sending the full force of the police and army is the Gold that’s being held hostage.

Season 5 of Money Heist was shot in Madrid, Spain. The series was also filmed in Panama, Thailand, Italy, Denmark, and Portugal.

The series' director, Jess Colmenar, stated that the season finale's volume 2 will be more emotional. “I think it has a different pace, it's not such a warlike confrontation, but it's a series that is always in crescendo until the end, until the last episode, and I will say it's a very special one and different to what we've done until now,” he said.

The first five episodes of Volume 1 of Money Heist Season 5 were released in September. The remaining five episodes will be available on Netflix on 3 December.

We’ve witnessed five incredible seasons of Money Heist, and below we’ll be answering all your questions, keeping track of trailers, clips and now, episode titles.

Watch trailer here:

At the Netflix TUDUM event, the makers treated the audience with the first look of the final part of Money Heist. With the Professor mysteriously away from communication and the building still surrounded by Police, the heist crew argues over how to escape, and what to do with all the gold.

Money Heist Part 5 Volume 2 Episode Titles

The official accounts for La Casa De Papel on Twitter revealed the episode titles in Spanish. The titles in brackets are the direct translations for the Spanish named episodes.

Episode 6 – Válvulas de Escape (Exhaust Valves) / Escape Valves

Episode 7 – Ciencia Ilusionada (Illusioned Science) / Wishful Thinking

Episode 8 – La teoría de La elegancia (The Elegance Theory) / The Theory of Elegance

Episode 9 – Lo Que Se Habla En La Cama (What Is Talked About in Bed) / Pillow Talk

Episode 10 – Una Tradición Familiar (A Family Tradition) / A Family Tradition

Here are some of the questions answered for the fans:

Will Alicia hand the Professor over to the Police?


Alicia, just like the heist crew is now one of the most wanted women. After confronting the Professor, and knocking out Marseille and Benjamin, the heavily pregnant Alicia gave birth. The last we saw of Alicia was when she took a pair of players from the bathroom and hid them inside of her sleeve. This means Alicia isn’t fully on the side of the Professor yet, and there’s still a great chance she could be the catalyst to the heist’s downfall, or at the very least the Professor’s end.

Wondering why would she betray the Professor? Well, spending her life on the run from the police or in the jail while trying to raise her baby is the last thing she wants. Giving the Professor up to the police may earn her a place back in Colonel Tamayo’s good graces.

Will Rafael join the heist?


We were introduced to Rafael, the cyber security whizz son of Berlin, in season 5 of Money Heist. Even when he was not much interested, he eventually ends up enjoying the rush of stealing and looked to join the family business. However, those events took place before the heist of the Spanish Mint, and Rafael has yet to be seen or included by the Professor in a heist.

Fans also think that Rafael and Tatiana ran away together, leaving a heartbroken, but probably impressed Berlin behind.

Rafael is currently the wildcard, and with his help, the crew and the Professor may find a way to escape after all.

Will the heist crew die or escape?


The death of Nairobi was devasting, and the death of Tokyo will also have a similar impact on their psyche. With no more hostages, the only thing keeping Tamayo from sending the full force of the police and army is the Gold that’s being held hostage and the fact that the Professor has a damning recording of the Colonel.

Fans are expecting to see one or two of the heist crew to die, but we also expect to see some survivors, even if it doesn’t mean the gold is stolen. Given that the entire heist was started to retrieve Rio from the hands of the police, he’s one of the few that we’d expect to escape.

Is Tokyo really dead?


One of the most important questions that comes to our mind is – Did Tokyo really die?

It’s not possible to take four grenades to the chest and survive, but you never know. Tokyo’s sacrifice has given the crew more time, as she was able to kill Gandía, Sagasta, and the majority of the Special Force personnel.

Some fan theories suggest we will see the return of Tokyo in the final season.

Will there be a season 6 of Money Heist?

All good things must come to an end, but the good news is that numerous spin-offs have been teased.

Money Heist season 5 Volume 2 release time in India

Money Heist season 5 Volume 2 will be available at 1:30pm IST on December 3, exclusively on Netflix, which is a subscription-based service.

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