International Coffee Day 2021: From history to significance, all you need to know

International Coffee Day 2021: From history to significance, all you need to know

International Coffee Day 2021: From history to significance, all you need to know

Many of us cannot start our day properly without a cup of coffee. So for us, it is unsurprising that there is a day dedicated to this beverage.

The International Coffee Day is observed on 1 October annually to promote and celebrate the use of coffee. The day is also used to create awareness about the history, benefits and popularity of the much-loved beverage. International Coffee Day aims at celebrating and highlighting the hard work of people associated with the coffee industry.


The International Coffee Organisation (ICO), established in London in 1963, first declared the occasion of International Coffee Day on 1 October, 2015. However, the idea of an entire day dedicated to coffee goes long back.

The All Japan Coffee Association also promoted an event similar to International Coffee Day in 1983. The International Coffee Association also marked International Coffee Day in China in 1997. Countries such as Nepal and Taiwan also observed the day before 2015, with even the United States declaring a National Coffee Day in 2005.

The Southern Food and Beverage Museum first used the term ‘International Coffee Day’ at a press conference in 2009 to announce details about the first New Orleans Coffee Festival.

However, it was only after the ICO’s declaration in 2015 that the day began to be celebrated unanimously across the world.


This year, the theme of International Coffee Day is “Coffee’s Next Generation”. The theme was chosen to provide people associated with the coffee industry with access to skill development, finance, knowledge and training and networking.


International Coffee Day aims to promote the fair trade of coffee as well as create awareness about the plight of coffee growers globally. The day is dedicated to voice out against the injustices faced by the people associated with the industry.

International Coffee Day also highlights the millions of farmers who work hard and go an extra mile to bring the beverage to our lives.

This day is celebrated by people by gathering more knowledge about the history of coffee and the coffee industry. Several individuals also try out different types of coffee and dishes made by including the aromatic crop. Various events are organised in cafes, coffee shops and chain outlets to promote International Coffee Day.