Escaype Live: Plabita Borthakur reveals which trait of her character 'Fetish Girl' she found interesting

Escaype Live: Plabita Borthakur reveals which trait of her character 'Fetish Girl' she found interesting

Escaype Live: Plabita Borthakur reveals which trait of her character 'Fetish Girl' she found interesting

The versatile actress of the entertainment industry Plabita Borthakur, who impressed us with her impeccable performances in projects like Lipstick Under My Burkha, Bombay Begums and others, is gearing up for the release of Escaype Live, which will stream from tomorrow on Disney+ Hotstar. While her character of the 'Fetish Girl' has created curiosity among the viewers, in an exclusive conversation with Firstpost, Plabita spoke about her preparations about this unique character and her plans of composing music for Hindi films. Excerpts from the interview:

As the show is on the verge of release, what kind of emotions are flowing through your mind?

You know to be very honest, I had been quite busy. So in the last few days, I was just going on, basically, I was just taking it as one day at a time, doing everything, prepping for whatever I need to and suddenly I saw this one post, which said four days to go. And I was like, oh my God, really? Only four days to go. Because I was like haan 20th, 20th, 20th bahot time hai. So, now I'm suddenly like super excited. I'm a little nervous maybe but I'm very excited because it is the show, which is on the biggest scale that I've ever done and because the show requires such scale and I really enjoyed shooting it and I've seen a few episodes, so I'm very excited. It was so gripping that I'm very excited to watch the rest of it and know what happens next, even though I know this. So, I would like to see everything coming together to life.

Were there any apprehensions when you were offered the role of Fetish Girl?

Yeah, there were.  Actually, when the concept was narrated to me and I was approached for Fetish Girl at that time, I did not think, I did not know what the scale is going to be like and what kind of act would Fetish Girl bring on-screen. So, I was very interested the moment I heard the concept, I was like, oh, this is brilliant. I definitely want to be part of the show and I was very excited and then, I was like, yes, I'm definitely part of it. And then came the script, which had everything written very graphically. And I was like, oh my God, I don't know if I can do this, I don't know if I can pull it off because I have never done anything like this and to be able to be so comfortable in my own skin, to be able to perform without thinking that there are cameras or the people in the room? Yes, it did take a few days, but I think eventually I got there because I mean, we are here to learn and adapt and learn new skills. So, one skill I learned was acting in front of the self selfie camera. Because at four first day I was quite thrown at the first rehearsals, I was like I can't perform in front of the camera and they were like, but that's what you have to do to throughout the show and I was like, oh my God.! It was quite difficult, but hopefully, I've done justice to it.

Did you refer to any character or personality for your portrayal?

So, there were some videos which were on a particular live app, which the director shared with me like long ago before we started shooting. It was not particularly of anyone like Fetish Girl, but it was generally of people basically to get the feel of the show, to see what is happening in the world, in the country and what all people are doing. And I was quite surprised myself, but that really helped me to understand because initially, I was thinking of fetish as in a very when you say Fetish Girl, you think very international and you think it sensual, international and then I realized this is our desi Fetish Girl. So, those videos helped me realize that there are audience in the world, the people, who actually send money to these people who make these fandom videos.

So, and some of them were not, I mean, there were just videos of people, who were not doing anything, but they were just like sitting there and I think that helped me understand what the space is like, what kind of a world he's thinking about, but apart from that there were no references as such but I did a lot of rehearsals. I had to do rehearsals to train my body because it had to flow in a certain way, because it is something that this character does every day and has been doing for a long time. So, I had rehearsals with choreographers, I was on a diet, I was exercising.  And of course, readings and everything with the director to figure out what tone would the character take and pick up.

Which trait of the Fetish Girl did you find exciting and interesting?

I think what really excited me was the fact that because initially, like I said, I was thinking of Fetish Girl as very sultry, very sexy and then the director was like no, we are not looking in that zone we are thinking of something like somebody who's having fun and somebody who's giggling, who's actually enjoying doing this. So, I think that I really liked just the fact that she was just who she wanted to be in that moment and she would really dominate all the users who are her viewers. So, I really liked that about her, that she was not trying to be very grown or up very sensuous. She was trying to be this quirky, fun character like we did that whole look, which was like a Japanese school girl kind of a cute. So more colours and more fun in like to her. That's the stuff that I enjoyed a lot.

Since the show has a huge star cast, did you have any intimidating experiences while shooting with any of the actors?

No actually, it feels like from the outside, it would be like, oh, you have to work with such a cast. But when you're actually working together, they're ultimately just actors who always helping you grow and I mean, as actors, there's so much to take and give with each other. So, it was a very nice experience because obviously, I learnt a lot of things from everybody I've worked with. I didn't have scenes with everybody. I worked with Swastika (Mukherjee) and Siddharth (Suryanarayanan) and it was brilliant working with them.

Since the shooting of the show took place during the pandemic, so how you all kept your spirits high during that phase?

Honestly, after the first lockdown, we hadn't worked for so long. We were inside the houses and because we are actors, we don't work from home, you know. So, when I first started going for readings, I was very scared because I was like, oh, I was telling my family, I don't want to meet them because I don't want to contract something by this and bring it home. And, the fact that I lived alone helped. I think once we got into the zone of it, I realized how much I was missing being on set and how much I was missing working because I didn't worked for so long, like so many of us. So in fact, I feel the energy was even higher because everyone had not worked for so long and we had prepped for this, for the show for so long, we're doing zoom calls and readings on zoom so, I think it was pretty much like coming back to work with the bang so, it was very exciting.

Can you describe your journey from playing a small role in PK as Anushka Sharma's younger sister to now doing such impeccable characters?

I don't know how to describe my journey because honestly, I don't think so much, I don't plan so much in life, my name Plabita means to go with the flow and I think that's just what I do really. I do what feels right in this moment. So, at that moment, it felt right to take up that part, I did after that something else came up, which felt better and I took up that and then there are times when some project comes my way and I'm like maybe I should not do it. I think I just follow my instinct and then not think about where I am headed. But now when you have put this in front of me to look back, I feel I have really grown up and I was quite a kid then and I'm just happy to have grown up in a way that I'm offered these kind of roles and these difficult roles and I'm very happy that the makers are trusting me and believing in me for, to be able to play it well.

Since you are also a musician do you have any plans to compose music for films in future?

Like I said, I don't plan anything but I would love to, of course, why not? I would love to sing. I mean, I love being on stage. I love singing and I do miss out on it a little bit, because when I'm really busy with my acting work, I don't get a lot of time to sing or make music. So I would like to do more of music. Yeah, for sure.

What's your favourite thing, music or acting?

I really can't pick. I can put it like this, acting and being different characters keeps me very thrilled and excited. So, I am always excited to work as different characters and understand how different people function and how to basically portray myself as completely somebody else. So, that really excites me and I think I love being on sets and I just can go on for hours and hours for shooting and not get tired, but I think music in some way really fulfilled me as a person. So, I can't pick.

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