MankindNews Movie review: Saif Ali Khan's 'Bazaar'

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Review posted by our expert Saurabh Kumar Jha, as per him This is a Saif's most gloriously written and performed the part, meaty witty and wicked I MankindNews

MankindNews takes pleasure to present you the review of Saif Ali Khans  most awaited Moview " Bazaar

  • Meanwhile, there is a roar around the country about CBI vs CBI bash and matter has reached to Highest Court .........We bite little time for our audience, reader and viewers to present you the review of what we called a  first stock market base movies, we can't recall a single I can't recall a single notable (or even non-notable) Indian film based on the plunging dips and giddying highs of the stock market.

  • No one could forget Harshad Mehta? how one could forget the podgy stockbroker who made thousands of Indians rich overnight and then it all ended in a financial mess in no time at all.
  • Saif Ali Khan as a  Shakun Kothari's trys to mould his destiny on the same lines. The only difference that Saif as the wily ruthless Machiavellian stockbroker is everything that Harshad Mehta would have wanted to be. 
  • Bazaar is Saif's most gloriously written and performed part, meaty witty and wicked. He chews into it exposing a sacred hunger that I didn't notice in his last over-hyped outing.