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Food Donation At An Orphanage. Food Donation At Old Age Home. Food Donation At Blind School. Food Donation At Leper Home. Food Donation At The Church. Food Donation At A Gurudwara. Food Donation At A Temple. Food Donation At Popular Pilgrim Destination.

"Donation doesn't make you poor "rather gives satisfaction and social recognition, after all, we are human and, humans have estimates and heart .

In Hinduism, Annadaan or donating food, i.e. feeding the poor is considered a very auspicious activity which leads to attaining Moksha and earning Punyas, i.e. boons. It is said in the Puranas that Annapoorna Devi, i.e. goddess of food, Maa Parvati once argued with Lord Shiva that food is a must and not just Moh Maya.

Food or Anna is necessary for life to thrive to evolve, just like seasons evolve, like birth, death and rebirth. Most importantly, Maa Annapoorna, an incarnation of Maa Parvati is the Swaroop of Shakti and Lord Shiva incomplete with his Shakti. Therefore, Shiva himself agreed that food is not an illusion as it nourishes the body, mind and soul. And in keeping with this tradition, donating food or feeding the poor and needy is considered a highly auspicious deed in Hinduism.

Food Donation At An Orphanage: It is unfortunate that scores of children are homeless and have no family members to look after them. Such children living in orphanages, as well as other institutions, often crave a loving touch and care.

Food Donation At Old Age Home: Not everyone in life is fortunate to be surrounded by loved ones and family members. Many of our elders in the society have to take refuge in old-age homes. Offering Annadaan or donating food.

Food Donation At Blind School: Feeding the needy and the differently-abled is considered highly auspicious. In fact, donating food or annadaan is a very noble deed. It is a great way to earn good Karma as well as make others happy.

Food Donation At Leper Home: Lepers are outcasts in our society. People don’t wish to interact with them due to the contagious nature of their disease. Hence, they are downtrodden and suffer.

Food Donation At The Church: Jesus fed his followers, thousands in numbers, with just two loaves of bread and fish. Donating food has always been a noble deed and the core fundamental values of Christianity.

Food Donation At A Gurudwara: Sikhism has always championed the cause of donation and seva. The very fundamental belief is to give back to society and uplift those who are in need. Plus, seva is a way of becoming ‘one’.

Food Donation At A Temple: Temples are a haven for harmony and religious sanctuaries where one comes to attain peace and absolve their misgivings. What can be better than donating food to the needy and poor at the temple?

Food Donation At Popular Pilgrim Destination: Food is the main source of nourishment for living beings. Unfortunately, given the uneven distribution of wealth, there are many who go hungry. India is a diverse nation and people folk to various.

All can Contact Madad Welfare Society, a 12 years old NGO for any kind of donation, can review and verify their documents by contacting them or visiting their office in Delhi. Their email address is Madadwelfare@gmail.com, websites are www.madadwelfare.com and www.madadwelfare.org.in,

Reported by Arvind Rautela I Mankind News 

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